What you need to know about rechargeable batteries and chargers

Here's a little more information on why you should use rechargeable batteries . Every year over 15 billion batteries are produced. The great majority are one-time throw-away alkaline batteries – not rechargeable batteries. If you use any of the following items in your home or business, you'll save a TON of money by switching to rechargeable batteries.

All of the items below can use rechargeable batteries

“Digital cameras, flash units, flashlights, penlights, walkmans, mp3 players, i -pods, gameboys, PSP, Nintendo toys, games, calculators, GPS units, radios, boom-boxes, walkie-talkies, paintball guns and hoppers, clocks, alarms, pagers, electronic thermostats, wireless microphones , pre-amps, remote controls, hearing assistance devices, electric guitar pedals, effects pedals, electric blood pressure cuffs, electric toothbrushes, hair-trimmers, battery testers, remote motion detectors, remote cameras, and just about any household item that uses AA, 9-volt, C, D, and AAA batteries.”

Most families will save an average of $200-250 per year by using a quality battery charger and rechargeable batteries. Churches and schools that use wireless microphones or other wireless audio/video applications can save even more. Photographers save a bundle using nimh rechargeable batteries in their flash units and digital cameras.

Now for the really good news: You'll save $250 every year for 5, 10 or even 15 years, depending on usage. With each rechargeable battery, you'll be able to re-use it up to 1000 cycles. So, why spend $15,000 over a lifetime when you can spend a few hundred and be done with your battery purchases for a long time?

The key to success is to start with the right battery charger and rechargeable batteries. Unfortunately, many will skimp to save money and be disappointed with the results. At Horizon Battery, we sell chargers and batteries that deliver what others only promise. Depending on your application, you'll find a charger and battery to compliment your needs. Save even more money and purchase a discounted pre-packaged kit . The Energy 16 Plus smart charger is designed to accommodate all size cells, and completely automates the charging experience. – including re-conditioning the cells for optimum performance and life.

Does the switch to recharging cramp your style? Not really. The amount of time it takes to throw away disposable batteries and open a new pack and replace is the same as going to your charging station and swapping the discharged batteries for fresh ones. It's easy, smart and environmentally sound to use rechargeable batteries.

What about memory effect? With nimh rechargeable batteries , your worries with memory effect are gone! The old NiCad's were susceptible to memory effect and needed to be discharged completely before recharging – but this does not happen with our nickel metal hydride batteries. Use the battery for 10 minutes or 10 hours and put it back on the charger with no consequence. The intelligent charger will determine each individual cell needs and brings it back to 100% capacity.

How long will I need to wait to re-use my batteries? Depending on the type of charger and strength ( mah ) of your cell the recharge period could be anywhere from 10 minutes to 8 hours. Our Powerline 4.2 Pro battery charger will charge 4 AA rechargeable batteries in 1.5 hours. The Energy 16 Plus battery chargers will charge AA, AAA, C, D, and 9 volt rechargeable batteries. The C and D cell take a little longer because of the strength ( mah ) of the battery. The Ansmann 10-bay charger will charge up to 10 9V rechargeable batteries in about 3-4 hours. Most users of rechargeable batteries buy battery charger equipped to handle enough cells to swap them out without waiting for recharging. In other words, have two sets of batteries for each application. This is the best way to maximize your battery usage.

Wireless microphones – will rechargeable batteries work? Absolutely! Our clients include top production companies including Cirque du Soleil , Wynn Las Vegas, and over 20,000 schools, churches and theater groups. They insist on Ansmann brand battery chargers and rechargeable batteries for one single reason … they work! Do not try to use consumer grade, low-power chargers and batteries and expect to have good results with high demand electronics such as wireless mics , wireless in-ear monitors, etc. Call our pro-audio department for a FREE evaluation of your specific needs at 800-648-7239  For an excellent primer on rechargeable batteries and wireless mics, visit our Pro-Audio Division

If rechargeable batteries work so good , why doesn't everyone use them? There are three basic reasons why people don't use rechargeable products. First, if you're a little older and remember the Ni-Cad fiasco of the 1960's (rechargeable batteries that didn't work) you're just skeptical and misinformed about the recent advances in rechargeable technology. Second, if your from the cell-phone generation, you use rechargeable products already but haven't considered them for everyday usage with common household appliances and electronics that utilize AA, AAA, C, D, and 9V rechargeable batteries. And finally, the third group doesn't want to be bothered re-using a battery. This group is so accustomed to throwing away batteries that it's a “hard habit to break ” But, if you consider the amount of money you'll save (around $10,000 in your lifetime – just using a family battery kit) you may wish to reconsider where you could spend this extra cash.

Here's a case in point. For years, our UPS driver has been picking up our battery kits for delivery everyday. Day in and day out, he'd see us pack up these batteries. Eventually he asked about them. After a little coaxing, we got him fixed up with some rechargeable D cells for his truck radio. (He was spending about $20 a month in throw-away alkalines .) Well that was two years ago. We've saved him over $500 in battery purchase and his initial purchase was a little over $100. Those rechargeable D batteries will last him another 3-4 years before he'll have to replace them. By that time, his savings will be over $1000 – just in batteries for a radio.

You do the math. Then place your order. Today!

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