Ansmann Powerline 4.2 Pro Battery Charger and Tester

Includes: Powerline 4 Pro
Sale price$ 82.99 USD


Multifunction Charger for 1- 4 AA or AAA NiMH cells. This completely programmable charger will charge, refresh and test cells individually. It provides a true digital read-out of capacity of individual cells in milli-amp hours so you always know how much battery life is available. Variable refresh function for optimum battery life. Also includes 1 Amp USB charger for smartphones and USB devices, Apple, Samsung, Blackberry, etc.

This charger is a "must" for any serious user of rechargeable batteries.

  • Adjustable charging currents from 400 - 1800 mA
  • Capacity measurement in mAh for each cell
  • 4 selectable charging programs, intelligent auto cut-off charge function
  • LCD Display fo Voltage, current, capacity and time
  • Individual supervision of each cell, trickle charge, faulty cell detection
  • NEW! Larger footprint and display screen


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