ANSMANN Comfort Smart Rackmount Battery Charger for 22 X NiMH AA/AAA - with Perfect-7 Charging Technology & Repair Mode

Style: No Batteries, just chargers
Sale price$504.00 CAD


The convenience of rackmount at affordable pricing. The Comfort Smart rackmount kit utilizes our top-selling battery chargers with a custom-fitted 1-space rackmount drawer.

  • 22 channels of AA / AAA charging in a single rack space!
  • Includes comfort series battery chargers and utilizes a multi-port USB power supply. No outside power supplies, -- all contained with the rack drawer. 
  • Pre-assembled for plug and play
  • New Perfect Seven Charging Technology with pre-charge, refresh, and top-off function
  • Charges AA's in about 2.5 hours
  • Individual monitoring of cells
  • Trickle charge feature keeps batteries ready to go after charging
  • 3 year warranty on chargers
  • Does not include rackmount case

A standard rackmount charger that provides 16 AA /AAA channels of charging retails for $559.99.  Save $220 and get 22 channels of charging with state-of-the-art professional battery maintenance and charging!

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