LMS 10-Bay 9V Smart Battery Charger Bundle with 10 Ansmann 300 mah 9V Batteries

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Desktop, Smart 9V battery charger designed for NiMH 9V batteries. 

  • Ten individual charging channels.
  • Overcharge protection via - delta V technology
  • Automatically switch to trickle charge. Leave the batteries on the charger with no overcharge concerns.
  • Safe charge current increase battery recycles. Most 9V chargers charge at 100 mA which is too high for Ansmann 9 volt batteries. The LMS charger uses a charge current of 75 mA
  • Rugged, impact plastic housing.
  • UL approved power supply.
  • Includes 10 Ansmann 9V 300 mah 9V Batteries

Smart, desktop 9V battery charger designed for the demands of pro-audio -video applications. Charges 1-10 NiMH 9V (8.4) batteries. LED's guide you with the charging process: Solid red, = charging, Solid green = charged and switched to trickle charge, Blinking red = defective battery. Over charge protection, battery maintenance mode, defective battery warning, Lower charge current yields more recycles of your Ansmann batteries. To maintain battery integrity, charge current must be under 85 mA. Other chargers charge at a higher current and subject the battery to additional heat.

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