ANSMANN Rechargeable 9V Battery 300mAh pre-Charged Low Self Discharge 9Volt NiMH Rechargeable Battery (12-Pack) + 2X Batterybox for 9V

Sale price$238.00 CAD


  • Bundle of 12 maxE 9V Rechargeable Batteries maxE 9V + 2 FREE Battery Boxes.
  • These maxE 9V rechargeable batteries are great for wireless mics, IEM's, effects pedals, listening assist, pagers, remote controls, toys, modelling, cameras, torches, clocks, alarms and other technical devices.
  • Use this battery anywhere you would use a 9V alkaline battery: NiMH Rechargeable batteries can be used anywhere disposable batteries can be used. The use of NiMH Rechargeable batteries reduce costs and protect our environment.
  • Max E assures that the self-discharge is 10 times lower than in normal NiMH batteries| Thus, after one year, the remaining capacity is still about 80% | This means longer useful shelf life between charges.
  • FREE! 2 included Battery Boxes guarantee an optimum storage of up to 6pcs 9V batteries or rechargeable batteries. Finds place in every bag.

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