Ansmann Comfort Multi Battery Charger for 4X NiMH AA/AAA/C/D + 1x 9V Batteries - Perfect-7 Charging Technology With Repair Mode

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Perfect charging is so easy - "PERFECT 7" charging technology Thanks to the intelligent "PERFECT 7" charging technology, the Comfort Multi Battery Charger ensures that the batteries are fully charged quickly and precisely. The fully automatic 7-step charge maximizes the service life and the performance of your batteries considerably. The innovative charging process is based on the latest findings from battery research and takes a large number of individual parameters into account. This makes it one of the most highly developed and innovative chargers on the market.

  • 1. RAPID CAPACITY TEST: Immediately after insertion, the rapid capacity test determines the remaining charge of your battery and displays it in the LED panel for 5 seconds. The automatic detection of inefficient batteries avoids negative surprises.
  • 2. GENTLE PRE-CHARGING: A weak or deeply discharged battery is pre-charged with less current if necessary.
  • 3. BATTERY ANALYSIS: The battery behavior of the cell is analyzed and evaluated in order to determine whether it can still be used reliably or whether it is defective.
  • 4. FAST CHARGE MODE: The new Comfort Multi ANSMANN charges your compatible NiMH batteries with up to 800 mA fast and simultaneously checked for. This not only saves you idle time, but also enables you to get by with fewer batteries overall.
  • 5. IQ SHUTDOWN: Several protective mechanisms protect the inserted batteries from overheating and overcharging. So you can lean back comfortably while your battery is recharged to full capacity.
  • 6. TOP-OFF CHARGING This level ensures that the battery is gently charged to 100%.
  • 7. TRICKLE CHARGING The battery is held by means of charging pulses in a fully charged state
  • Includes USB connecting cable.
  • Does not include USB power adaptor

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