Pro-Grade Rechargeable Batteries and the Best Battery Chargers
For Theater and Broadcast Facilities

Approximately 10 years ago, Horizon Battery converted the touring and resident shows of Cirque du Soleil to rechargeable batteries. Prior to switching the company was spending over 50K in disposable batteries and throwing away well over 500,000 batteries every year.

Since this time, Horizon converted thousands of theaters, radio and TV stations, and production facilities including the likes of Katy Perry, Blue Man Group, Nine Inch Nails, Wynn Las Vegas, and Mickey Gille Theater, to name just a few.

The reason is simple. Our rechargeable batteries and battery chargers work - without compromising performance. If you've yet to convert to our money-saving, planet-saving rechargeables, why wait?  We offer a Free Rechargeable Evaluation of your facility.

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