Schools and Universities are under tremendous budgetary constraints. One way to squeeze the most from your budget dollars is to convert your facility to money-saving rechargeable batteries.

Here are just a few of the applications that can use high-power rechargeables:


  • Theater/Music Department - wireless mics, in ear monitors
  • Photography - Flash units, digital cameras
  • Sports Dept - Coach's communicators,
  • Computer/Library - wireless mouse, keyboards
  • Facility Management - Smoke Detectors, Remotes, Tools

We Accept Purchase Orders.

As part of our normal course of business, we routinely accept purchase orders from schools and universities. Purchase orders may be faxed to 856-582-5399 or emailed to

Horizon's rechargeable batteries and battery chargers are utilized by thousands of schools and universities including Duke Universtiy, Liberty University, University of Wisconsin, Brigham Young University and many, many more.

Not sure what batteries and charger are best for your application?

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