The new wave of battery of battery chargers from Ansmann provide versatility and superb battery maintenance all at a very affordable price. Whether you use 2 wireless mics or 22, the new "comfort" series battery chargers are a great way to power up your mics and in-ear monitors with rechargeables that last for years with no compromise in performance. 

The new hybrid rechargeable AA's provide high capacity and low discharge - only 5% per month - as compared to standard high capacity batteries that can self-discharge 2-3% per day. This means longer run-times, higher voltage and more recycles.

When compared to the cost of alkaline batteries or lithium battery packs, the savings are phenomenal. There is no need to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on throw-away a batteries or expensive brand proprietary lithium batteries.

Check out the "What's in Your Wireless?" video for more details and visit our "Rechargeable Battery Guide" page for detailed product information.

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