August 3rd, 2011

It never ceases to amaze me how many times I hear the following:

“Well, we tried rechargeable batteries but they only lasted for 50 recycles and then they just died.”

Undoubtedly, in addition they inform me they found this great deal on rechargeables and saved two dollars per 4-pk. I forgot who talked about being penny-wise and pound-foolish, but it definitely pertains to rechargeable batteries. Sure, you can check out e-bay or some other discount online store and acquire cheap, ineffective rechargeables. Or, you can spend a few bucks more and get a pack that truly works.  Beware of just visiting the big battery companies that sell a bunch of alkaline batteries – because you’ll find that they really don’t pay much attention to the caliber of their rechargeable stock. Trust me, they will much rather have you buy alkaline throw-aways month after month and year in year out.

So, why is the Ansmann brand so different?  The reasons are listed below so that you can review but it all boils down to quality.  You get what you pay for. Don't make the same mistake trying to scrimp. With Ansmann batteries and chargers, you’re already likely to save hundreds to thousands every year.

Ansmann rechargeable batteries are professional grade batteries. They’re manufactured to Ansmann specifications for longer life cycles and long run-times.  They are also vented and strong-walled to prevent leakage and explosion. Each battery is covered by a 2-year warranty against defect. Many other brands will not have these features and are only designed to give you 50 high-capacity uses. That's why they don't cost as much. Ansmann batteries are built to give high capacity, long run-times for up to 1000 cycles.

Ansmann battery chargers are built to work with high-quality, high-capacity cells. They provide multiple over-charge protections, and do not permit the battery to rise above critical temperatures that will harm the battery and shorten life cycles.Ansmann chargers also provide refresh or deep cycles functions to maintain the battery chemistry in good shape. This is particularly important when battery reaches 200- 300 uses. Since the battery ages, the chemistry could become unbalanced. The refresh function restores the chemistry to a balanced state.  Ansmann chargers are handled by a 3 year warranty against defects.

Track record. Ansmann rechargeable batteries and chargers are used by the top production facilities throughout the world. Cirque du Soleil, and Blue Man Group are only two of thousands of theater groups, broadcast facilities, schools and churches that have used our products for over 10 years. It's always great to hear from a church that have to re-order batteries -- seven years later!

The next time, you think of purchasing rechargeable batteries, take into account the above. Spend a few dollars more and get your money’s worth.