March 6th, 2012

We’ve added several types of primary batteries to our arsenal of products. The Ansmann Extreme Lithium Batteries are sure to be a winner for those who are looking for high quality lithium batteries. These batteries last 7X longer than standard alkaline batteries and are much lighter.  Another benefit is that our lithium batteries have a shelf life of over 10 years.

Lest you forget, we still advocate the use of rechargeable batteries whenever possible. Over time, a rechargeable battery will still be the best money saving (and planet-saving) investment you can make.

So, when should you use a high-capacity lithium battery? We recommend using them for outdoors devices – particularly those exposed to low temperatures. The new Ansmann lithium batteries have a use range of -40°C and +60°C.   Therefore, the Lithium Battery is excellent adapted for outdoor use such as weather stations, thermometers, etc.

For those of you that are not able to remember to change your smoke detector batteries every six months, then consider a lithium battery.  Remember, we still recommend you check your batteries every six months and use a low-self discharge rechargeable battery like the Max-E batteries.

Whether to use a primary lithium battery versus a rechargeable battery will always come back to price, convenience, and conscience.  To buy a battery charger will always cost a little more up front, but in the long haul, you’ll save big time.

The new AnAnsmann Lithium Batteriessmann Extreme lithium batteries are available in AAA, AA and 9V. The AA lithium batteries are available in either a 2 pk or 4 pk blister.  9V’s are available in a 1-pkblister and the AAA’s are available in a 2-pk blister.

Finally, you’ll love the pricing.  For years, Energizer and Duracell have been charging outrageous amounts for lithium batteries. For example, you’ll find Energizer AA’s going for around $6.25 for a two-pack.

We offer Ansmann lithium AA’s 2-pk  for only $4.99 Our 9V’s and AAA’s are also comparable in price – so be sure to check them out