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Every week we get calls from pastors, music directors and sound techs telling us how they went to Wal-Mart or Radio Shack and purchased cheap, consumer-grade rechargeable batteries and battery chargers.  The stories are always the same – “They don’t work very well with our wireless mics,”  “They don’t last long enough,” or ”They worked great for the first 20 times I used them, but then they just died.”  And then, of course,  there are the horror stories of battery leakage in their brand new $800 wireless mic.

So, what makes the Ansmann brand so different?   The reasons are listed below for you to review but it all comes down to quality.   You get what you pay for.  Don’t make the same mistake trying to cut corners.  With Ansmann batteries and chargers, you are already going to save hundreds to thousands every year. 

  • Ansmann rechargeable batteries are professional grade batteries. They are manufactured to Ansmann specifications for extended life cycles and long run-times.  They are also “vented” and strong-walled to prevent leakage and explosion. Each battery is covered by a 2-year warranty against defect. Many other brands do not have these features and are only designed to give you 50 high-capacity uses. That’s why they don’t cost as much.  Ansmann batteries are designed to give high capacity, long run-times for up to 300 - 2000 cycles, depending on which battery you choose.
  • Ansmann battery chargers are designed to work with high-quality, high-capacity cells. They provide 3-way over-charge protection, and do not allow the battery to rise above critical temperatures which will harm the battery and shorten life cycles.  Ansmann chargers also have “refresh” or “deep cycles” functions to keep the battery chemistry in top condition. This is especially important when the battery reaches 200- 300 uses. As the battery ages, the chemistry can become unbalanced. The refresh function restores the chemistry to a balanced state.  Ansmann charger are covered by a 3 year warranty against defects.
  • Track record. Ansmann rechargeable batteries and chargers are used by the top production facilities across the world. Cirque du Soleil, and Blue Man Group are just two of thousands of theater groups, broadcast facilities, schools and churches that have used our products for over a decade. It’s always great to hear from a church that has to re-order batteries …. seven years later!
  • Save money. Churches spend between $250 to several thousand per year on disposable alkaline batteries. Since Ansmann rechargeable batteries can be used up to 2000 recycles, many churches don’t need to buy batteries again for 5-7 seven years.  That adds up to $1000 - $7000 savings over the life of our rechargeable batteries.  In today’s budget -conscious climate, this money can surely be put to better use than needlessly filling up landfills with thousands of batteries. 
  •  Here at Horizon Battery, we understand the dynamics of church, school, and theater pro-audio and how wireless equipment is utilized. Since each application is unique in its need for batteries and chargers, Horizon can customize a recharging system without compromising the performance of your wireless units. There are very few applications that cannot use our rechargeables.
  • Quality product and great customer service is the cornerstone to our success. As satisfied clients tell others about their experience with Ansmann products and Horizon’s “customer first” approach, our business continues to grow.

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