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Katy Perry Tour


The Katy Perry Prismatic World Tour has chosen to "go green" and utilize rechargeable batteries for their wireless mics and IEMs. The tour kicked-off in Belfast, Ireland on May 7th, 2014.  The tour utilizes approximately 180 AA batteries per show /rehearsal.

Here are a few comments from Manny Barajas, monitor engineer for Katy Perry regarding the use of Ansmann Rechargeable Batteries and Fischer Amps Rackmount Chargers:

"The Ansmann AA batteries and Fischer Amps ALC161 battery chargers are working out great for us on the Katy Perry Prismatic World Tour! We could not be happier with them. The charge time is fast. The usage time is triple that of a standard alkaline battery. Battery waste is ZERO!

Our production manager and tour accountant are very happy to know that after 75 days of usage the system will have paid for itself in alkaline battery cost alone. We are using the Ansmann standard 2850 mah AA in all our Sennheiser wireless devices. That includes EK 2000 IEM beltpack receivers, SK 500 G3 guitar beltpack transmitters, and the SKM 5200-II battery sled, the B-5000-2.

We are also using the Ansmann Slimline version of the 2850 mah AA batteries in our BTR-800 wireless comms beltpack battery holder, the BP-700."

Cirque du Soleil

"I have been using Ansmann batteries for Wireless Microphone and In-Ear systems for all the Cirque du Soleil shows I have worked on. I have been a project manager for the last 4 touring shows of Cirque du Soleil and I have always been very happy with the Ansmann batteries.

They are working very well for us and are very reliable. We are doing 10 shows a week. With two shows a day, on some days, we use two complete set of batteries to be able to do rotation. So while one set is being used the other one is charging. We are well aware that we could probably do two shows with the same batteries but we would rather play it safe and rotate.

Once we get new batteries we put them to the test to see how long we can use them for and we are always surprised to see how efficient the Ansmann batteries are. During our test, we were able to use batteries in an in-ear monitor belt pack for over 10 hours. This is great for rechargeable batteries.

Cirque du Soleil is doing every thing it can to help the environment and by using rechargeable batteries we were able to make a big difference. Before, we were using a ton of batteries a day; now the same amount of batteries can be use for the whole year."

Thank you very much Ansmann.

Jean-Michel Caron
Sound Project Manager/Assistant Designer
Cirque 2010 -Cirque du Soleil

David Springbett, Asterisk Productions
"We've just completed a grueling 6 day shoot - filming between 15 and 18 hours per day. We were running 9 Sennheiser evolution wireless mike systems all day -- and we never had to change batteries. (We were expecting good performance - but not this good ! )

The batteries - Ansmann 2850 MAh AA cells - easily outlasted a set of fresh premium conventional batteries which we ran in one unit as a test."
Sean Birtch, Southside Christian Church
I'm very grateful to whoever invented this product and made it available to us as we save probably over $1000 a year by using these rechargeable batteries."

Sean Birtch
Worship Pastor
Southside Christian Church
Spokane WA


Ross Williman, Sunnyside Christian Church
"I have never been able to use rechargeable batteries in my wireless mics until I found yours. They have saved us lots of money and time by not having to buy Alkaline batteries."

Ross Williman
Worship Pastor
Sunnyside Christian Church
Colorado Springs, CO


Mark Shrimplin, Woodmens' Chapel
"Our church has used Ansmann batteries and chargers in 50+ wireless mics for several years with great success!"


Nelson Alderman, Thrasher UMC Church
"You have an amazing product. We have been using your 9V rechargeable batteries now for three years and love them. They are so reliable. We have never had one fail during a worship service. We use them in all our wireless mics! God Bless You!"

Nelson Alderman
Church Administrator
Thrasher Memorial United Methodist Church
Vinton, VA
Travis Lee Moser, Technical Director
"We were throwing away about $400 each year in disposable batteries at our church, not to mention their effect on landfills when inexperienced volunteers just trashed them. Now we have several chargers in key locations for our high use devices and we know they'll work every single day."

Morning Star Fellowship


Tony from Chicago
"Our Horizon rechargeable batteries have lasted over 8 years, saving us well over a thousand dollars in conventional battery costs. Thanks for a stellar product with excellent customer service."



John Bacevic Jr
"Great Company... great batteries. Use in my camera strobe with long life and fast recharging. Horizon is wonderful to work with, honest and really cares about the customer. Plan to purchase all my future battery needs here!"





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