Ansmann USA

Ansmann USA is the US subsidiary of Ansmann Germany.

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 US Product line includes Ansmann rechargeable batteries, primary batteries, Ansmann battery chargers,  Ansmann power supplies, and Ansmann flashlights and smartphone accessories.

Rechargeable batteries and the appropriate battery chargers can provide the professional and consumer with substantial savings over disposable alkaline batteries. Ansmann products are developed with this goal in mind: To use rechargeable batteries and battery chargers whenever the application allows. Rechargeable batteries can be used for a host of electronic applications including digital cameras, camcorders, wireless microphones, wireless in-ear monitors, and a host of household appliances.  Practically anywhere where alkaline batteries have been used, rechargeable batteries can be substituted and exceed the performance of the disposable. Utilizing the proper battery charger, Ansmann rechargeable batteries can be recycled up to 2000 times – with consistent, reliable performance.

Ansmann’s new Max E Pro low self-discharge rechargeable batteries have revolutionized the rechargeable battery. Now, with virtually no self-discharge, these rechargeable batteries keep stand-by power for up to one year. Pre-charged and ready to use, the Max E rechargeable battery can be used in any application that an alkaline battery can be used. Recharge 2000 times, no memory effect and now available in AA size. These rechargeable batteries are excellent for remotes, game controllers, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, wireless mouse and keyboards and a host of portable electronics.