Fischer Amps In Ear Amp 2 Headphone Amplifier 001120/2

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Fischer Amps In Ear Amp 2: A high-quality headphone amp in 9.5” metal housing. Many in ear monitoring applications do not require the use of wireless technology. Hard-wired in ear systems provide many advantages: They provide more dynamics and higher sound quality, and you save wireless frequency channels which can be used for other systems. Combined with the Guitar In Ear Cable, the Fischer Amps In Ear Amp is the ideal solution not only for guitar and bass guitar players who prefer to perform with wired equipment on stage. It is also perfect for keyboard players, drummers, orchestra musicians. The In Ear Amp 2 contains a Class A MOSFET amplifier with enormous reserves and high-precision sound which provides high-end earphone sound. The amplifier‘s output capacity can be selected via a two-step switch. This allows to use the In Ear Amp 2 with low-impedance in-ear earphones as well as with high-impedance headphones which makes the In Ear Amp 2 the perfect and versatile headphone amp system for use on stage, in the studio and high-end applications. Features include: Output to control a bass shaker amplifier. LED display for input signals. Brand new class A MOSFET headphone amp with limiter. Switchable output power for low-impedance in ear earphones and headphones with higher impedance > 250 ohms. Two headphone Outs jack and XLR male to connect the Guitar InEar Cable. Sturdy 9.5“ casing with integrated switching power supply, switchable voltage supply 115VAC or 250VAC. Ground-lift switch. Adaptor set to mount In Ear Amp in 19“ rack.

  • Two balanced inputs with combined XLR/jack connector with link-through input (XLR-outputs)
  • Gain control to adjust the input signals
  • Additional stereo aux line-In at the front (jack)
  • Shaker Line Out for ext. bass shaker amplifier with switchable highcut 80Hz/24 dB/oct.
  • Stereo, mono-mix and mono mode
  • Use in conjunction with Mini Body Pack XLR, Jack, or Guitar in-ear cable

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