Ansmann Powerline 4 Ultra Battery Charger and Capacity Tester

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With the intelligent battery charger, up to four NiMH rechargeable batteries, sizes AA and AAA , three C-sized rechargeable batteries, two D-sized rechargeable batteries, or four Li-Ion rechargeable batteries, size 18650, can be charged simultaneously, even mixed - regardless of number, size, capacity or charge status. Each of the 4 charge bays is individually monitored and individually charged/discharged.

  • CHARGE FUNCTION: Upon insertion, the charge mode starts and charges the battery fully, individually. charged individually. Rechargeable batteries of different types, different capacities and different charge conditions can be inserted and charged/discharged. Then, the charger automatically switches to pulse maintenance charging to keep the battery at 100%. Individual battery cells can be removed and new ones inserted without influencing the charge procedure in the other charge bays.
  • ADJUSTABLE PROGRAMMING: The device offers the facility to adjust the charge program and the charge current individually for each charge bay. The "Mode" button can be used to select the charge mode and the "Current" button can be used to select the charge current. If no adjustment is carried out, the charger uses 500mA for charging. If batteries need to be charged quickly, three rechargeable batteries can be charged with 1500mA or two rechargeable batteries with 2000mA.
  • CAPACITY TESTER: The Powerline 4 Ultra will individually test the capacity of the inserted battery and provide a digital readout of remaining capacity
  • COMPATIBLE RECHARGEABLE BATTERY SIZES: The universal charge bays can accept rechargeable battery cells with a diameter up to 33mm and a length of 70mm. So, the battery charger is compatible with all rechargeable NiMH battery sizes from AAA to D as well as from 10400 to 32650 lithium-ion batteries. In total, up to four rechargeable batteries can be charged simultaneously. With larger diameter rechargeable batteries, the number of batteries that can be charged simultaneously is reduced:
  • LARGE LCD DISPLAY: The charge display clearly shows the rechargeable battery voltage (V), charge/discharge current (mA), capacity (mAh) and charge duration (h) for each charge bay. The "Channel" button switches the view between the various charge bays.
  • USB CONNECTION Any conventional USB device, such as power-banks, cameras or even smartphones and tablets, can be charged via the USB port (5V/2A). Practical when travelling: Only one rechargeable battery charger is required for all end devices, saving space and weight.

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