Rechargeable Batteries for Pro-Audio Use

There are so many wonderful reasons why you should choose rechargeable batteries. If you are still using alkaline batteries that you need to dispose of after they are drained, you are spending more than you think.

With rechargeable batteries, you spend less waste, less money, and less energy. Recharging a battery is far more economical, environmental, and efficient.

For high-quality, studio sound equipment such as wireless mics, IEM’s or portable recording devices, professional-grade rechargeable batteries are needed. Many professional and world-renowned artists such as Katy Perry, Rob Thomas, Cirque du Soleil, and more, utilize Ansmann’s rechargeable batteries for Pro-Audio.

It has a proven fail-safe system that works with no compromise in performance. It also boasts high and consistent voltage levels and longer run times. This is specifically designed to meet the demands of high-drain devices.

Undeniably, Pro-Audio rechargeable batteries provide cutting-edge and cost-saving solutions for musicians, sound engineers, production facilities, churches, schools, theaters, and more.

It can help you save hundreds and even thousands year after year if you opt for high-quality rechargeable batteries for professional audio applications.

The next time you set up your sound system, make a difference, and don’t go for single-use batteries anymore. Use Ansmann’s rechargeable batteries and ensure a smooth and flawless sound experience.

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