October 28th, 2011


Although many electrical items these days feature inbuilt rechargeable lithium batteries, many of the items we use such as flashlights still need to use standard 9v batteries.

Children’s toys in particular seem to go through an alarming volume of batteries. There is no excuse these days.  However, having said that for not using 9v rechargeable batteries. Not only does it make sense from a financial standpoint but also from an environmental one.

It normally requires a large quantity of energy to manufacture batteries in large volumes, meaning the burning of fossil fuels. The burning of such fuels is not only using a limited resource but also widely considered by scientists to produce excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which is considered to cause a greenhouse effect main to global warming over and above the natural global warming of the world.

Although rechargeable batteries can be recharged many instances there comes a point when they will no longer hold a charge, so it’s worthwhile expending in the better made brands of rechargeable batteries such as Ansmann rechargeable batteries. As even rechargeable batteries have an environmental impact. All rechargeable batteries comprise rare earth metals which need to be mined meaning the converting of more hydrocarbons into gas in the form of carbon dioxide and being pumped into the atmosphere possessing a detrimental effect on the environment.

Also the better made brands of batteries charge up quicker and hold their charge far longer than inferior brands. Buying a premium brand such as Ansmann cuts down on the quantity of energy needed and makes further environmental perception and well as financial perception by cutting down the cost of your domestic electricity expenses.

To really get the most out of your batteries you really should always aim to use them as soon as doable after charging as all batteries no subject how good lose a certain quantity of charge over time. You really should also buy a good charger as a good charger will monitor the charging of the individual cells placed on charge to prevent overcharging. A Microprocessor managed charger is a very good investment to guarantee that your batteries are charging as efficiently and safely as feasible.

When your batteries have reached the end of their current lifespan you should consider recycling them as the rare earth metals contained in rechargeable batteries such as lithium and indium are very much in demand. You are also helping the planet by reducing down on the sum of mining which has to be done to retrieve these rare metals. There are specialist recycling vegetation who’s sole reason to exist is to specialize in retrieving these rare earth metals from batteries and other electric appliances.

If you do go through a lot of batteries then buying the premium brands such as Ansmann makes a lot of sense. Batteries can become expensive when you throw them away in high volume and poor chargers and rechargeable batteries will add to your electricity payments over time. finding out to properly care for you batteries as well as getting the appropriate equipment will have a important improvement on their lifespan.

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