June 11, 2011

The Horizon Group launched the country’s Smart Battery Club this week. This is a program meant to alleviate the requirement for families to shell out money on batteries annually. It is not your typcial “switch to rechargeable battery” idea that so many of us have seriously considered, maybe tried previously, and said “forget it.” 

Why is this idea so inviting is threefold:

First, Smart Battery Club capitalizes on cutting edge ZeroWatt Rechargeable Technology. Unlike traditional battery chargers, Zerowatt chargers disconnect from the power source when the batteries are charged. This eliminates stand-by power consumption and saves you money on the power company bill.

Second, the application of Max E low self-discharge cells (also referred to as LSD batteries) eliminate the need for the batteries to be left on the charger as a way to stay charged. They may be saved in stand-by up to a year – with minimal loss of power. That as well, saves the family money buy not having to but throw-away batteries year after year. (Furthermore, it takes a small dent out of the 15 billion batteries being thrown-away each year on this planet)  Since Max E batteries are also high-capacity cells, you don’t have to constantly switch out the recharged cells because they are not lasting long enough. The truth is, the most of the Max E batteries outperform alkaline cells in run-time. Add to that the ability to re-use these batteries as much as 1000 times and the savings really start mounting up.

Finally, the club is set-up to refer other families to join. Whenever a new member joins due to another, the referring party earns commissions on the purchase of product. It’s this “pay it forward” attitude of the club that encourages families to do the right thing about living green buy “making some green” too.  This concept has attracted the interest of church congregations, civic organizations and other groups who have a capacity to “convert” other to this new way of doing batteries – and in essence, freeing up their wasted “battery cash” for other priorities. It’s refreshing to see an eco-friendly program that truly saves and earns green too.

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