12-bay AA/AAA/9V Battery Charger

12-bay AA/AAA/9V Battery Charger

Horizon Battery Mobile

  • $ 5999
  • Save $ 2500


Horizon's inexpensive, high volume AA /AAA / 9V charger!

This smart charger will independently charge 1 to 10 AA or AAA cells and 2 9V cells, NiMh or NiCads.

  • LED light turns red in each slot when charging battery,
  • Turns green after charge is complete.
  • Automatically switches to trickle charge mode.
  • Micro-processor controlled negative delta V (-V) cut off detection.
  • LED blinks if cell is defective.
  • Manual discharge function for extended life cycles.
  • This charger is ideal for high volume applications such as wireless microphones, digital cameras flash units.
  • Can be used with all NiMH cells, from 600 mah AAA up to 2850 mah AA, and 250 mah 9V.
  • Cells do not get hot during charging process.
  • Utilizes latest hi-tech charging mechanism.
  • Worldwide usage 100-240V.
  • DC car adaptor included.

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