Ansmann D Cell 10000 mah High Capacity Rechargeable Batteries

Ansmann D Cell 10000 mah High Capacity Rechargeable Batteries



  • $ 2799
  • $ 37.99

 Ansmann D 10000mAh 2-pk Blister

  • Fast rechargeable
  • Ecological
  • Cost saving
  • No heavy metal
  • Blister of 2 pcs. Part No. 5030642

For most applications where disposable batteries are used, f. ex. in discmans, radios, torches, remote controls etc., you can use rechargeable NiCd/NiMH batteries instead. With rechargeable batteries the running costs of electronic equipment can be reduced and environmental pollution can be avoided.

Standard vs. Low-Self Discharge

Standard rechargeable batteries are delivered with little or no initial charge. After charging the battery, it starts to lose around 2% of their capacity a day, when not in use. We advise leaving these batteries on a quality battery charger equipped with trickle charge until ready for use. After about a month left in stand-by mode, (off of the charger) most standard rechargeable batteries will need to be re-charged.  We recommend the use of high-capacity standard rechargeable batteries in high-drain devices such as wireless mics, in-ear monitors, flash units, etc.

Low-Self Discharge (Max-E)

New technology now offers a low self-discharge rechargeable battery. This battery is delivered fully charged ? and it will only lose about 10% of its capacity over an entire year. These batteries are usually a little bit lower in capacity (10-15% lower than standard rechargeable) but they are great for remotes, wireless keyboards and mouse, game controllers, flashlights, and anywhere you use an alkaline battery. Again, you can leave the battery in the device for long periods of time (up to a year) without worrying about dead batteries.

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