Ansmann 1600-0171 M250F Professional Torch with Seamless and Infinite Focusing



  • $ 3499
  • $ 44.99

  • High-quality aluminium torch for professional use | incl. 3X Ansmann alkaline AAA batteries, removable belt clip and wrist strap
  • Optical zoom - seamless and infinite focusing from a precise point of light to homogeneous floodlighting by turning the lamp head
  • Microcontroller-managed tactical end-cap switch with four lighting functions- Boost|100%|30%|strobe and Morse function
  • Non-slip exterior for maximum user comfort even when wearing gloves| ideal for single-handed use
  • Technical data for light modes: Brightness 260 lumen (100%)| 75 lumen (30%) | battery life 3 hours | 10 hours, |light range up to 150 meters

Microcontroller-managed light functions suitable for tactical applications The professional M250F torch from ANSMANN impresses with its ideal proportions and non-slip exterior. In conjunction with the microcontroller-managed end-cap switch, the M250F is suitable for tactical use and enables noiseless switching between the three lighting functions 100% lighting power, 30% lighting power, or stroboscopic light by lightly tapping the switch button. Furthermore, noiseless Morse is also possible whilst the light is switched off. The M250F is ideal for rugged use, even with single-handed operation or with gloves, thanks to the robust and non-slip exterior. Optical zoom with the latest focusing technology Equipped with the latest LED technology from CREE and the ultra-homogeneous lens, the M250F professional torch can be seamlessly focused from a precise point of light to homogeneous floodlighting by turning the center section of the lamp head. The lamp is protected from dust and splashing water per IP54 and is shockproof up to 1m drop height. Different lighting functions with long battery life The microcontroller-managed light functions of the M250F professional torch provide a brightness of up to 260 lumens in full power mode and 75 lumens in energy-saving mode (30% lighting power), with a battery life of around 3 hours or 10 hours. It is delivered complete with three AAA batteries, a removable belt clip and a wrist strap. Instructions for use This lamp is intended for mobile use, the included LED lamp is not suitable for household room lighting.