Ansmann 1600-0162 M900P Extremely Bright 930 Lm 10W LED Torch with High-Efficiency Reflector System



  • $ 1200
  • $ 39.99

  • 930 Lumens

  • High-quality, extremely bright 10W LED torch for professional use, incl. 4X Ansmann alkaline AA batteries and wrist strap

  • High-efficiency reflector system for optimum light output and range optimization

  • Lamp head made from high-strength aircraft aluminum; lamp housing made from robust ABS plastic

  • Several Lighting functions can be selected: high power/low power/strobe/boost

  • Technical data: brightness up to 930 lumen, battery life up to 20 hours, light range up to 240 meters

Grippy and versatile The professional M900P 10W LED torch from ANSMANN impresses with its ideal proportions and non-slip exterior. The lamp housing is made from robust ABS plastic. This has the advantage that the material does not cool down so severely in extremely cold conditions. The carry-comfort and the ergonomics in particular are optimised by this. Holding the torch for a long time in cold weather is no problem. Ultra-bright, shockproof and waterproof Equipped with the latest LED technology from CREE, a high-efficiency reflector system and three light functions controlled by a microcontroller, the torch is optimised for ideal light output and lighting range. This enables objects to be identified at great distances in the dark by using Boost mode to achieve a range of up to 240 metres. The lamp is waterproof up to 1 metre and impact resistant up to 1m drop height, tested per IPX7. This maximizes the service life of the torch and also protects it if it falls into a puddle or if it is used in heavy rain for example. High-efficiency reflector system with long battery life The M900P LED torch achieves a brightness up to a super-bright 930 lumen. Thanks to the different lighting modes, the lamp can achieve a battery life of up to 20 hours in continuous use. The high-efficiency reflector system enables ranges of up to 240 metres to be achieved. Despite the high power, the LED is always controlled in a gentle and sustainable manner. This enables the LED to achieve a service life of several tens of thousands of hours. Instructions for use This lamp is intended for mobile use, the included LED lamp is not suitable for household room lighting.

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