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Guitar amplifiers with a tube power amp can only provide the distorted sound, favoured by most musicians, when the volume is turned up. The Guitar Genius allows to operate the amplifier at full load, but still at household noise level or even soundless by using headphones or in ear monitoring. The integrated loadbox of the Guitar Genius electronically replicates the impedance of a 4 x 12” guitar cabinet.

The Guitar Genius is not just a simple load resistance, an essential feature for the sound of the amplifier. As an option, a guitar cabinet can be connected to the loadbox. The guitar cabinet is then  fed with approx. 40% of the output tube amp signal. 12 volume levels can be adjusted. Via a speaker simulation of a 4 x 12” guitar cabinet with four switchable sound characteristics, the amplifier signal can be picked up at two balanced transformer outputs of the Guitar Genius. The Line Out at the front is for direct connection of the Fischer Amps In Ear Amp.

So you can use your guitar amplifier for soundless or noise-reduced recording and practising. This guitar setup can be used on stage with in ear monitoring as well.

A combination of the Fischer Amps In Ear Amp and the Guitar Genius allows to mix the amp’s guitar signal with the stereo/mono in-ear mix or with a playback for practising. The Guitar Genius has an additional XLR headphone Out, therefore the Fischer Amps In Ear Cable can be used for the guitar signal as well as for the stereo in ear mix.


  • Guitar loadbox with noise-reduced speaker output at 12 volume levels and replicated impedance of a 4 x 12“ guitar cabinet
  • Switch on the backside to full power mode (without loadbox)
  • Speaker simulation with four sound characteristics (vintage, classic, modern, scoop) and two balanced outputs via transformer
  • Line-In for guitar preamp line signals


Weight: 2.5 kg
Dimensions (W x H x D): 220 x 190 x 88 mm
Operating Voltage: 90-260V AC, 50/60 Hz

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