Fischer Amps Ergonomic Earphones FA-4 E XB

Fischer Amps


  • $ 39999
  • $ 529.99

Fischer Amps In-Ear Earphones, built with high-quality, balanced armature speakers, deliver a clean and detailed sound. Due to the high efficiency of the earphone systems, the volume of your sound source can be turned to a lower level than before. A perfect listening experience with Fischer Amps earphones is possible when you make sure that you use them with high-quality audio sources and music material. Fischer Amps FA-earphones can be used with all audio sources which are suitable for headphones with low impedances and have a 3.5mm (1/8“) jack output

  • State of the art driver design with 4 balanced armature drivers and three-way crossover, 2 back-vented low drivers, 1 mid and 1 mid/high  
  • Small but solid earpiece of anodised aluminium
  • Screwed on housing for easy service
  • Kink-resistant aramid-reinforced cable to withstand a tensile load up to 800 N
  • Can be used with ear-tips (included) 
  • Audiophile and powerful sound with slight bass enhancement.  Perfect for professional in ear monitoring on stage or audiophiles.    
  • Specifications:      
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz - 18.5 kHz   
  • Impedance: 19 ohms 
  • Sensitivity @ .01 V: 119 dB

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