Ergonomic Earphones

Fischer Amps has launched their own line of earphones. We are proud to present the Fischer Amps FA Ergonomic series with high-quality earphones with state-of-the-art speaker technology. The Fischer Amps earphones are not only developed in Germany, but are completely made in Germany!

Fischer Amps In-Ear Earphones, built with high-quality, balanced armature speakers, deliver a clean and detailed sound. Due to the high efficiency of the earphone systems, the volume of your sound source can be turned to a lower level than before.  A perfect listening experience with Fischer Amps earphones is possible when you make sure that you use them with high-quality audio sources and music material. Fischer Amps FA-earphones can be used with all audio sources which are suitable for headphones with low impedances and have a 3.5mm (1/8“) jack output.