Coin Cell Lithium / Alkaline Multi-Pack - 24 pcs

Coin Cell Lithium / Alkaline Multi-Pack - 24 pcs



  • $ 300
  • $ 9.99

Lithium / Alkaline Coin cell set comprising of 24 pcs of standard sizes. The ideal value for money economy pack.

For all applications

With this coin cell set you will always have the right battery for your application: whether at home, in the workshop or in the office. The coin cells are ideal for your camera, radio, clocks, toys, calculators, bike computers, etc. The Alkaline coin cells adhere to the new EU's mercury ban on 01.10.2015.

Long-lasting and high energy

A reliable and long lasting power source for your devices. With 24pcs in the pack you get excellent value for money.


  • 2x CR1620
  • 2x CR2016
  • 2x CR2025
  • 2x CR2032
  • 2x AG3/LR41
  • 2x AG12/LR43
  • 2x AG13/LR44
  • 2x AG4/LR626
  • 2x AG1/LR621
  • 2x AG5/LR754
  • 2x AG8/LR1120
  • 2x AG10/LR1130

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