Energy 8 Plus 8 AA 2850 Standard 2 9V Battery Bundle

Energy 8 Plus 8 AA 2850 Standard 2 9V Battery Bundle



  • $ 7999
  • $ 99.99

The Ultimate Reconditioning Battery Kit - For Longest Battery Life

Powerful Combination!  New long-life Max-E cells that do not need to remain on charger after the charge cycle.

This Energy 8 Bundle includes 8 Standard AA 2850 mah batteries and 2 9V 300 mah Max E Batteries, along with the amazing Energy 8 Plus Battery Charger. The charger will charge 2 9V's and 6 AA's at the same time. (Also charges AAA, C and D cells)  

  • Reconditions cells for max life and recycles (up to 1000 times!)
  • Overcharge protection
  • Trickle charge
  • Automatic individual monitoring of each cell
  •  Bad cell detection and much more.

No need to leave cells on charger. Stand-by power up to 1 year. Ideal for larger application. Use batteries for wireless mics, remotes, nursey pagers, listening assist devices, pre-amps, guitar pick-ups, digital cameras, smoke detectors, etc. Anywhere you can use an alkaline, you can now use the new Max-E.

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