10-bay 9V 300 Charger Kit



  • $ 15199
  • $ 224.99

Horizon's 10-bay charger kits have been utilized by over 25,000 churches, schools and production companies. The kit includes a 10-bay, 75mA, automatic rapid charger and 10 Ansmann high power 9V 300 mah rechargeable batteries. Automatically switches to trickle charge when batteries are fully charged.

Introducing a faster and more durable 9V charger.
New features include:
    • Hard, durable plastic casing
    • Individual, microprocessor-controlled charging. (-) delta V control
    • 5-hour safety timer
    • 75mA per channel, 50% faster than previous model. (**see below)
    • Switch to trickle charge when cell  completely charged
    • Bad cell detection
    • Reverse polarity protection
    • Optional DC adaptor for on-the-go car charging
    • UL approved power supply
    • Two-year warranty

**Important info about charge current

75 mA to 80 mA should be the maximum charge current  to avoid overheating of 9V cells and preserve optimal recycles.  Although there are a few other chargers on the market that boast 90 mA or even 100 mA charge current, these chargers can damage high-quality 9V NiMH cells and significantly shorten battery life cycles.

Until now, the only available micro-processor controlled charger under the 80mA threshold was the one we offered at 50 mA and a one year warranty. It is a lighter-weight charger that is more susceptible to the wear and tear of frequent charging cycles.
The new 75mA charger is designed to better withstand frequent usage and provide consistent charging at a safe and faster charge current - assuring trouble-free operation. When using Ansmann cells, you can expect up to 1000 charges per battery.

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