Ansmann Smartphone Car Holder and USB Charger XXL



  • $ 2499

Smartphone car mounting bracket with USB charging port

With the universal ANSMANN car holder, electronic devices are always at hand while driving, and can be charged simultaneously. Handling is very simple: The holder is simply plugged into the cigarette lighter, and offers safe and solid grip also on bumpy roads. In addition, the practical mount comes with a USB charging socket, which powers various mobile devices via the three supplied coiled cables (USB to Micro USB, USB to Apple Dock connector, and USB to Apple Lightning connector). A blue status LED indicates the operational readiness of the charger.

  • Fits iPhone 5, 6, 6 Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, X Plus, Samson Note, Galaxy, and other large format cellphones

Highlights of the ANSMANN smartphone car mounting bracket

1. Easy handling: The car bracket is very easy and super quick to assemble. The height is infinitely adjustable from 4.64 inches to 6 inches  and can thus be individually adjusted to different devices. Thanks to the handy holding clip, they can be easily inserted into the holder with a flick of the wrist, and removed again.

2. 360° adjustment: The stable gooseneck and the 360° adjustable ball joint allow individual adjustment vertically or horizontally, and hold the device in perfect position at any time ‒ even when in operation while driving.

3. Quick charge: The smartphone car holder charges connected mobile devices with a maximum output current of 1500mA in a rapid charging process.

4. For universal use: Thanks to adjustable height and the included charging cables, various larger smartphones, mobile phones, navigation devices or MP3 players (see overview below) can be inserted into the holder and charged. Thanks to the device-friendly rubber coating, they have a firm and secure grip without scratching.

For Smartphones with a height of 4.64 inches to 6 inches

For Smartphones with a width of  2.16 inches to 3.35 inches

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