APS 300 traveller 5311103

APS 300 traveller 5311103


  • $ 1999

APS 300 traveller  5311103

3-12V universal power supply to power many small electrical devices

    • Complies with European Ecodesign Directive 2005/32/EC (EuP) 
    • Regulated output voltage
    • Short circuit proof
    • Different output connectors included which can be connected to the output cable with the desired polarity
    • Electronic switch mode power supply for world wide use (100-240V AC)
    • Selectable output voltages by a rotary switch: 3V / 4.5V / 5V / 6V / 7.5V / 9V / 12V DC
    • Maximum output current: 600mA at 3-6V, 450mA at 7.5V, 400mA at 9V, 300mA at 12V
    • Maximum output power: 3.6W
    • 3 years warranty

    The APS 300 traveller is delivered with with changeable input plugs for Europe, UK, USA and Australia

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